Iggy Azalea Brings Out T.I. for "Murda Bizness" in New York City

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Iggy Azalea brought her Aussie hip-hop twerk party to New York City's Bowery Ballroom last night. The rap stunner kicked off the first of two sold-out shows with newbie Travi$ Scott as well as special guest T.I.

Travi$, a Houston native, was fittingly outfitted in a gold grill and accompanied by legendary hip-hop producer Mike Dean on the keyboards (and intermittently, the bass). He opened the show with the ominous “Quintana” and then went into collaborative cuts like “Sin City” from G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer and the Pusha T’s banger, “Blocka.” Between solo verses and production credits, including helming multiple songs on Kanye West’s forthcoming Yeezus, Travi$ has been steadily building a grassroots buzz. Still, he was playing to an audience of Azaleans. “Man! I thought you was gonna come out here and rage!” Travi$ playfully jabbed them at one point.

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Luckily, the rapper had an ace in the back pocket of his camo pants, when he brought out Grand Hustle mentor T.I. as a surprise guest for “Upper Echelon.” The crowd went wild at the sight of Tip, rocking summery sorbet-colored pants and a neon Hustle Gang t-shirt.

When in doubt, always call in a favor from your superstar rapper friends, kids.

Iggy then took over. Wearing a cropped, paisley corset and matching miniskirt and her trademark high ponytail, the blonde beauty came ready to party. Iggy and her troupe of hot pants-clad dancers seductively gyrated through “Down South” and “Beatdown” as well as newer material like “Bounce.” Despite sound issues, Iggy pressed on, wanting to give fans her all. The stage oft turned into a twerk fest worthy of YouTube; Iggy shook her famous curves while her dancers dropped it like the rent was due that night to tracks like “Drop That” and “Cheeks.” King of Diamonds, eat your heart out.

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At one point, T.I. could be seen trying to score drinks with a wad of cash at the bar and then getting cornered by a group of teen fans asking for photos. The Kang adroitly escaped and made it back onstage just in time for “Murda Bizness.” He then ran through an abridged, but welcomed medley out of his own repertoire including “24’s,” “What You Know” and “Ball.” Along with Trae Tha Truth, who made a cameo with his Gettin Paid,” Iggy was definitely well supported by her Grand Hustle family.

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In a night replete with Southern rap, the DJ topped it off by playing OutKast’s “Aquemini.” Iggy shared that it’s her favorite song because she listened to it growing up while dreaming about making it one day. As she closed with her new single “Work,” which has amassed over 13 million views on YouTube and more importantly, fans knew word-for-word, it was clear that Iggy Azalea’s dream has come true.

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