Stream Melo-X's Soothing and Stylish 'Vertigo 1955' Mix


Brooklyn’s MeLo-X is a creative powerhouse. This week, the fashion-forward emcee and photographer chose to flaunt his DJ skills with a mix for Hive titled Vertigo 1955. Musically, the mix takes its cues from his recently released EP God: LoFi, a five track project that sits somewhere along the spectrum of traditionalist boom-bap and soulful post-future bass. “I created this mix while taking care of my mom while she had a bad case of vertigo, which she suffers from time to time. It's basically feeling like you're in a spinning motion while standing still and this causes dizziness and nausea,” he tells Hive. "Sometimes as an indie artist we can feel like this in a way... like your moving fast but in reality your standing still in the same place." Highlights include swooning, pop-oriented remixes of Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” and Rihanna’s “Stay,” although Melo also includes some under-the-radar gems from other producers. “I incorporated music from up and coming artists that I either found on SoundCloud or was sent in a message.” Sit down, chill out, and cure your own case of vertigo with this pacifying mix.


01. MeLo-X - Light + Space (Laurel Halo Cover) - (GOD: LoFi EP)

02. BuzzCut (Prod by MeLo-X) - (FEWTURE ALBUM)

03. Jimi Nxir - Sensation (Prod. by MeLo-X) (GXLD EP)

04. Michael Anthony ft. The Mind - WeUnderstand (Prod. IKAZ) - (Project Noir)

05. MeLo-X - Mojitos and Little Dragon (Prod by Abjo) - (GOD: Hifi EP

06. MeLo-X & Machinedrum - Let It Remix (Prod. by Edit of Glitch Mob) (Let it EP)

07. MeLo-X - Girls Love Rihanna (Prod. MeLo-X (GOD: HiFi)

08. Dana Buoy - Delicate Suitor (MeLo-X Tailor Made God Mix)

09. Yuna - Live Your Life (MELO-X GODMIX)

10. FAARROW - Rule The World

11. Lana Del Rey - Video Games (MeLo-X Live Remix)

12. X/COKE Cheri (Coke & MeLo-X)- Ryder (IJS) - MeLo-X & Cheri Coke

13. MeLo-X - Tribe of Stafa (Prod. J.Most) (Zulu Guru)

14. Ta-ku - Daughter Edit

15. X/COKE - (Cheri Coke & MeLo-X) - The Garden of Eden (Math Times Joy remix)

16. MeLo-X - Handle It (Prod. MeLo-X) (GOD: LoFi)

17. X/COKE (Cheri Coke & MeLo-X) - FREE (Prod. MeLo-X)

18. Rihanna - Stay (She's Finally # 1 Bitch MeLo-X God Mix)

19. Maylee Todd - Baby's Got It (MeLo-X Sweet Baby Jesus God Mix)