Riff Raff's Sessions With Skrillex Fueled by Barefoot Bubbly Champagne

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Internet hair game fans get ready to explode: Riff Raff and Skrillex are recording an album together. After the Raffster and his luxurious locks let the news slip to MTV Australia earlier this week, Hive tapped him up for more details on the rap-meets-EDM project we're lovingly calling Rifflex. Speaking on the origin of the collaboration, he told us, "We have a crazy song that is Riff Raff, Skylar Grey and Skrillex, so once we did that song in 20 minutes for the Neon Icon album, once we did that the sky is the limit. We could make 100 songs a day. We will see when, where and how this will pan out."

While he wouldn't incriminate himself and give up any confirmed song titles yet, Riff Raff did reveal how he and the dubstep wunderkind get down together in the studio: "Skrillex gets in there and just starts making things happen, I get in there and start drinking." The Highroller's tipple of choice for what we're sure will become known as the Skrillex sessions was Barefoot Bubbly, a pink Moscato champagne. It's a drink decision that helped inspire a musical vibe he describes as "electric elegance."

When it comes to the world of EDM, Riff Raff told us that he's a confirmed fan: "I like the vibe and the crowd, it's very carefree." Although while he's openly appreciative of the EDM movement, Raffy didn't take kindly to us pestering him about whether he gave Skrillex and his distinctive mane any haircare tips. "How can you alter perfection?" Quite.

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