Listen to Matt & Kim Discuss Life as Matt & Kim


Matt and Kim’s most recent album, Lightning, was released last October, and the year that the lo-fi dance-punk duo has enjoyed since its release has been a busy one. They finished up a tour with Passion Pit earlier this spring and are currently in the midst of performing at most of the major summer festivals, both in the US and abroad. But when they came by for the latest episode of The Hivecast with Matt Pinfield, they explained an incident that had happened a few years earlier: namely, the filming of the infamous “Lessons Learned” video, that saw the two undress as they walked through Times Square until they were accosted by the police -- whom they ran away from triumphantly. So did they actually get arrested? "We had a permit. We were in trouble, until they realized that we had a permit," Kim explains.

"Even though the permit may not have been fully legitimate," Matt adds. "We couldn't get a permit to shoot a music video in Times Square. It was post-9/11, and things were much more sensitive. But we were able to get a permit to shoot a web promotional video there. We didn't give the full story of what we were doing; you have to give the full story of what you're going to shoot. It said, 'Two tourists walk through Times Square dressed inappropriately for the weather.' Not a lie!"

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