Stream Jason Isbell’s Revealing New Album ‘Southeastern’

Photo: Michael Wilson

If this was the touchy-feely ‘70s, and Van Morrison hadn’t already used the title first, Jason Isbell might have called his new album something serious and evolution-conscious like A Period of Transition instead of simply dubbing it Southeastern. It’s that kind of sobering-life-changes album, literally — among other things, it finds the onetime Drive-By Truckers member meeting his newly found sobriety head-on, while embracing other major changes, like “settling down” — Southeastern was finished immediately before the Alabaman’s marriage to singer/fiddler Amanda Shires. It also marks Isbell’s first outing sans backing band the 400 Unit since his 2007 solo debut, and in place of the band’s firepower it offers some intense, arrestingly personal balladry about, well, a period of transition in the 34-year-old’s life. Check out this exclusive premiere of Southeastern and Isbell’s thoughts on writing one of his more personal collections of songs to date.

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