DJ Sega Satisfies Guilty Pleasures With 'The Purge'

[caption id="attachment_77561" align="alignnone" width="640"]sega-640 Photo courtesy of DJ Sega's Facebook page.[/caption]

No DJ is associated with the Philadelphia club scene like DJ Sega. In fact, the DJ and producer created the term “Philly club” to help differentiate his sound from neighboring Baltimore and New Jersey scenes. “I coined my sound ‘Philly club’ out of respect for the city and the original concept of Baltimore club, but to the untrained ear it’s one in the same,” he explains to Hive. What unites these geographically close club scenes is the use of choppy, repetitive (and often random) samples over 130 to 150 beat-per-minute break beats. In this world, no sample is left unflipped.

Sega’s mix for MTV Hive, dubbed The Purge, is an eclectic medley of Philly club gems. Included are samples as wide-ranging as’s “Scream and Shout,” Ghostface Killah’s “Mighty Healthy,” sound effects from Mortal Kombat and the theme song from Django Unchained. “Think of my live sets as moments of purging. Most of the things I choose to remix are guilty pleasures that almost everybody has,” he says. “I release people of that fear and recreate the passions and fun that exist within them. I entertain the best way possible; inside out... See me live and it’ll all make sense.” Or just throw the mix below on your living room speakers and enjoy.