Robyn Returns With New Music ... For the Lonely Island

Don't you wish Robyn would finish her new album already so you can get to dancing around alone in your underwear to it? Of course you do. Well, you might not be able to mark that date on your calendar yet, but impatient fans will be happy to learn that everyone's favorite Swedish pop star is prominently featured on the latest single from comedic musical group/best-thing-about-'00s-SNL the Lonely Island. Hooray!

An amusing take on the "song about a dance" genre, "Go Kindergarten" makes increasingly bizarre demands of its listeners until they are committing crimes and pulling their dicks out (both real dicks and imaginary ones). Robyn does a nice, deadpan job on the hook, which starts out innocently enough with "dance the night away," and by the end has devolved to "raise a glass then break the glass and stomp your bare feet on the glass … little fingers up, then chop 'em off." Who's a cute little pixie now?!

The song is accompanied by a Youtube-tastic music video in which bag-headed creeps demonstrate the dance moves while big, red hashtags flash across the screen. Fun! And of course, this is just the beginning. Due out June 11, The Wack Album will feature such impressive collaborators as Solange, Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Pharell, and Justin Timberlake. #GETPSYCHED