How Dizzy Wright Preps For a Show

Earlier this year,¬†Dizzy Wright snagged a spot as the People’s Choice pick in this year’s XXL freshmen roll-call. Not only is he busy recording with the likes of Joey Bada$$ and Flatbush Zombies, the Las Vegas-raised rapper is currently maximizing the bond he’s built with his fans through a series of shows that are set to continue throughout the summer and include an appearance at the Rock the Bells festival. Ahead of his recent headlining shindig in New York City, Hive stepped backstage and pestered Dizzy to reveal his pre-show routine.

1. Weed = Essential

“I definitely got to have some mary jane backstage, something with some good THC. Ideally, I’d prefer indigo.”

2. Finish Off That Pump Food

“It’s funny, ’cause I don’t eat as much as I used to ’cause I’m on the road so much and we’re always going to gas stations to eat. It’s so many gas stations!”

3. Take a Shot

“There’s usually no beer. I don’t even like beer. First time I drank beer I was playing a game called flip cup and that was with Snow Tha Product on tour. I was kinda good at the game. But before a show I’d prefer to take a shot.”

4. Channel 2Pac

“For this last tour, we’d throw on ’Pac before going on stage. We’d listen to “Me Against the World.” That was like the turnt up song.”

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