Watch the So So Glos' 'Artist to Watch' Live Highlights

It's been a breakout year for New York City DIY experts the So So Glos. They've spent the last month touring with their pals Titus Andronicus. They made their first ever appearance on Late Show With David Letterman. And just last week, they stopped by the Studio at Webster Hall and treated an intimate crowd to a high-powered set that Hive streamed in its entirety.

The band started back in 2007 and since then, have been a fixture on the Brooklyn indie-rock scene -- running their own performance space called Shea Stadium and starting their own label of the same name. "The Mets are about having a little hope," they said about the New York baseball team's connection to the band. "[It's] rooting for the underdog. You can't root for Goliath. It's more about sticking with your losing team and when they win, it makes it better. We've always thought of ourselves as the underdogs, the outsiders. We're just trying to get up in there."

And as they tell it, their relationship these days has become something of a brotherly love for one another, all the way down to the very reminiscent of four brothers trying to get along in cramped quarters. "The fights revolve themselves quicker, they said. "Well, they don't resolve themselves. They're sibling fights."

For their Artist to Watch Live set, they played a bunch of selections from their debut Blowout and here we have five full-length clips for you: "Diss Town," "Lost Weekend," "Wrecking Ball," "Xanax" and "Son of an American."