Stream Desert Stars' Blissful New Track "With the Bears"

[caption id="attachment_77135" align="alignnone" width="640"]Photo: Jerome Corpuz Photo: Jerome Corpuz[/caption]

On Desert Stars’ “With the Bears,” the Brooklyn five-piece let a camping trip inspire them. “It’s about being away from the city and finding solace with nature away from crazy people who live the wild party lifestyle,” lead vocalist and classically-trained violinist Janelle Best explains. The track was created by the original Desert Stars lineup at their practice space in Bushwick, and like the band, “With the Bears” has changed over the past five years. “I was playing a fun, repetitious piano ditty and started out humming a melody to the piano part, and my fellow bandmate Megan Moncreif put the words to it after her inspirational trip.”

As the band evolved, they then added intricately layered bass, guitar, drums and breezy luscious harmonies, recalling the reverb drenches of Mazzy Star and Beach House. Piano heavy melodies build around Best’s stark and ethereal vocals until atmospheric guitar chords envelop the pulsating bass line. Their lyrics get right to the point but it's something in this arrangement that makes us feel as if we're in a desolate, well, desert. But we'll let you be the judge.

Desert Stars debut album Habit Shackles is out July 16.