Check Out Photos From Sasquatch! 2013

Hive is officially obsessed with naturally scenic festival locales. Sure, a hot parking lot or a cruise ship are cool, but seeing music in a picturesque location reminds you that this festival is something unique. A couple weeks back we got that feeling at Hangout on the white beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama. And the Sasquatch! Festival, held on the other side of the country on the Columbia River in George, Washington, offers an equally beautiful experience. The rocks form a natural amphitheater, and the grassy slope toward the Sasquatch! stages is built-in stadium seating. Hive photographer Chona Kasinger returned to document Sasquatch for Hive this year, and she made sure to include some of the natural beauty of the location. Highlights included Divine Fits busting out covers of Tom Petty's "You Got Lucky" and Frank Ocean's "Lost," Wild Belle's Natalie Bergman sitting in with Elvis Costello, Jenny Lewis sitting in with the Postal Service, and Killer Mike's emotional Monday afternoon set. For these and more from the likes of Earl Sweatshirt, Vampire Weekend, Dirty Projectors, Grimes, and Primus (in 3D!). She also took portraits of Cody ChestnuTT, Ariel Pink, Alt-J, and other musicians surrounded by the river gorge, hills and the river itself.