Was ‘Random Access Memories’ Not Daft Punk Enough For You?

So you like European electronic dance music duos who partially obscure their identities? Great! You’ll love Disclosure.

Last week, Random Access Memories — the ballyhooed fourth studio album from L.A./Paris duo Daft Punk — leaked on the web, leading to a cavalcade of instantaneous and intense responses, loving or loathing the product with almost no space in-between. Call it an ode to the sound of major label studio albums circa 1979-82, or an étreinte to all the other sounds of that era: disco, hustle, boogie, prog-rock, piano balladry, vocoder pop and soft-rock, but with its million dollar marketing roll-out, it was all but impossible to ignore. For those put off by the robots moving far away from the euphoric dance music they once embodied, and towards a music whose spectrum ranges from cheesy to corny, from wonky to wanky, here are a few further listening tips:

If you wished RAM had more vocoder fusion-jazz, then try:

Herbie Hancock: “Sunlight”

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