The Action Bronson Workout: A 9-Step Guide

Over the years, New York rapper Action Bronson's culinary prowess has become renowned. But did you know that ol' Bam Bam Bronson loves to keep in shape as much as he loves to sautée? In his recent video for "Strictly 4 My Jeeps," he displays magnificent cartwheel skills that caused the Internet to go chock full o' nuts. But this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. A closer look into the life of Action reveals that he could be a shoe-in as the next Biggest Loser coach. So if you're looking to ramp up your own workout routine in hopes of that perfect beach-bod, or even just to put a little more bounce in your step, check out this 9-step guide to getting fit the Action Bronson way.

1. Working out takes a lot of self-discipline. Psyche yourself up. Feel it.

Action Bronson

2. Start with a few dips. Any old payphone will suffice.

Action Bronson

3. Move on to some dumbbell reps. 

4. Get some safety glasses and slowly increase your load.

5. Never forget an important part of the Action Bronson regiment: a set of lady lifts.

 6. After months of Action training, you should be in more control of your body.

7. More advance techniques include: card-table tumbling.

8. Explosion-Yoga.

9. And street-cartwheels in front of your homies.