The 7 Types of Hangout Fans

Beach-dwelling revelers rejoice, as the Hangout Festival returns to Alabama's Gulf Shores today. MTV, VH1 and CMT will be there for the entire weekend with a host of great livestreams and exclusive interviews. Now in it's fourth year, Hangout's lineup is as eclectic as ever, with headlining sunshine vibes coming courtesy of Stevie Wonder, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Kings Of Leon, along with sets from Kendrick Lamar, the Yeah Yeah, Yeahs, the Shins, Jim James, Grizzly Bear and many more. If you're headed to the Gulf Shores for the weekend, here's a sampling of the fun types of folks you can expect to run into. Now go hang tight!

1. The Crystal Baller

It's a BYOBall situation.

2. The Joyful Wavers

Overalls aren't required but definitely encouraged.

3. The Drum Army

Drum-circle fact: Cowbells will never get old.

Drum Army

4. Zebra-human hybrids

This looks really hot but you'll definitely make a lasting impression. 

5. Hula-hoop Enthusiasts

Hula-hooping with your arm seems pretty hard but there's probably little risk involved. 

6. Crowd-Surfing Worshippers

Though the Flaming Lips aren't on this year's bill, expect any sort of crowd-surfing to be welcomed with open arms.

7. On-stage Booty Twirlers

The secret: it's less about the booty, more about the twirl.