Riff Raff Acting Offers Are "Pouring In"

[caption id="attachment_75445" align="alignnone" width="640"]Riff Raff seen here in Brazil. Photo courtesy of @Jodyhighroller Instagram Riff Raff seen here in Brazil. Photo courtesy of @Jodyhighroller Instagram[/caption]

Last week, rapper and all around entertainment entity Riff Raff made his acting debut when he stepped into the shoes of a character named Jamie Franko on an episode of the soap opera One Life to Live. (The name is a barb at his nemesis James Franco.) Talking to Hive about his performance, Riffy said he felt his inaugural soap screen time was "heart-warming and ravishing -- or should I say Raffishing." He added that his acting chops will surely improve as he lines up roles in a series of "next episodes and movies and sitcoms and commercials and so forth."

Pressed for specifics about his next acting moves, Riff Raff added that he's involved in "four TV show negotiations on contract, two of which are sitcoms, and the movie role offers keep pouring in. We are just in the building stages of deciding which ones to take for now, but I didn't know the offers would be this high. No wonder people like to do movies more than music."

Not that the Raffster has any plans to hang up the mic just yet, as he readies his debut studio album for Diplo's Mad Decent label. Asked about speculation that the project will feature Drake, he told Hive, "Drake is a legend like myself and he is so talented and loved and he has an excellent understanding of how iconic I have finally become and how Financially Progressively Valuable I'm about to be. Our songs will be all hits." With Drake having also clocked up TV minutes with his pre-rap role in Degrassi: The Next Generation," Hive asked Riff Raff if the two had discussed the idea of teaming up together to galavant on the silver screen. Riff Raff's response? "You say that as if someone already told you the news…"

Watch Riff Raff on One Life to Live below: