Teddy Blanks Tells the Horrible Truth

A grumble you’ll hear about the Brooklyn rock coterie (Dirty Projectors, Grizzly Bear, Vampire Weekend) is that they have no sense of humor. And a grumble you’ll hear from certain members of those bands is that everyone takes them too seriously. On the surface, Teddy Blanks comes across as a welcome new addition to this world and one who might break the stalemate. The first single off his debut album, Therapy, out this week, is called “Famous Friends.” Right now, Google best knows Blanks as a member of the Lena Dunham extended family (he composed the score to Dunham’s first feature film, Tiny Furniture) so it’s a deliciously cheeky title.Then there’s the music — bright, Robert Palmer-esque beats under operatic pop vocals. And the video, which opens with Blanks (who looks like the cute nice guy in a John Hughes film) on a beach reading tabloids and lamenting: “Like a spoiled little boy I get so upset/ All these pop songs I put up on the internet/ They never turn out right/ They never make much news/ You’re in L.A. in a hotel giving interviews.” This guy certainly has a sense of humor about himself.

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