11 Ways to Channel Azealia Banks This Summer

Earlier this week, rapper Azealia Banks tweeted the title of her next single, "ATM Jam," a collaboration with Pharrell that'll appear on her long-awaited debut, Broke With Expensive Taste. While we still don't have a release date on that, we're thinking that it can't be too far off. With that in mind, here's 11 sure-fire ways to prep yourself to get Broke this summer, Banks-style.

1. Go Red

2. Sport Some Adult Hello Kitty PJs

3. Chill With Some Owls

4. Listen to Fantastic Scottish Indie Pop Like Camera Obscura

5. Give a Shout Out

6. Wear Whatever This Is

7. Put Some Chocolate On Your Tongue

8. Read Up on Cyberspace Theory From Internet Pioneer/Grateful Dead Lyricist John Perry Barlow

9. Make a Hair Cape

10. Buy a Watch Branded With Your Last Name

11. Almost Stick a Straw Up Your Nose