Dizzy Wright Recorded With Joey Bada$$ and Flatbush Zombies

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Dizzy Wright started the year by securing the People's Choice pick for XXL's annual freshman lineup but, as he tells Hive, despite seeing his profile balloon he plans to stay committed to releasing music independently and working with the most fertile faces on the hip-hop underground. Last month, the 22-year-old Las Vegas spitter dropped "Maintain," his collaboration with Brooklyn's brightest Joey Bada$$, and he's already secured plans for further dalliances with the Pro Era crew.

"I'd been watching Joey coming up a little bit and I thought he'd be dope for the song," Dizzy told Hive. "So when I went to New York for the XXL shit, after that we was at DJ Premier's studio and he told me to come through. I had a record and I played it for him and he was with it. He got on it like that!"

Also in the studio that day were other member's of Joey's Pro Era pals, the Flatbush Zombies, and Black Hippy kid Ab-Soul. Recording sessions and weed consumption ensued: "We were all in the studio smoking and chopping it up. I did a song with the Flatbush Zombies and Kirk Knight and Joey. We're all on a track together. I'm not gonna put the name of the song out yet just 'cause it's not on my project -- it's my man Kirk Knight's -- so out of respect I'll let him announce it when he's ready. It's some fly shit though!"

Dizzy describes the vibe of those sessions in Premier's studio as "like 1994 in there." Handily, his next mixtape project will be titled The Golden Age and aims to "bring back the substance and the good music." He told Hive that he'll be sticking with the same team of producers that helped shape last year's SmokeOut Conversations, with DJ Hoppa handling most of the board work. "Hoppa's really hip hop, he comes from that golden era and he feels where I'm trying to go with my shit," he said.

The Golden Age will be released via Hopsin's Funk Volume label and Dizzy is aiming for a small circle of collaborators on the project. One more flamboyant cohort might come from Trinidad James though, with Dizzy having already made a song with him in mind. "We weren't able to work out some quirks 'cause of the industry thing," he said, "but I'm still trying to get Trinidad on The Golden Age 'cause I fucks with him."

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