Five Grime 2.0 Artists You Need to Know

grime 2.0

Ready for another grime invasion? This week the U.K.'s Big Dada label puts forth Grime 2.0, a primer on the current state of grime music and Mr. Mitch is one of the artists profiled on the compilation, with his ghostly "Viking" track. "Grime 2.0 is a great representation of the music that's going on right now," he says, "'cause it's not just one kind of grime and it's broad and there's so many different strands of the music." With that in mind, Hive tapped Mr. Mitch to give us an insider's guide to five bass-infatuated artists from Grime 2.0 to start adding to your playlists. Consider his list your new low-end theory.

1. Slackk

"Slackk can produce some amazing music really and he proves that not all grime has to be hype. I mean, he can produced hype tracks as well, like his track "Shogun Assassin," but his stuff is melodic and I like the way he uses his melodies and the way he utilizes the square wave which is something that's in a lot of early grime. He has that lo-fi, early-grime vibe."

2. Moony

"Moony is a guy that I've personally been interested in for a few years now. His stuff is influenced by house and garage music that is really gonna make the club come alive. I've been a big fan of his for years and it's about time other people started realizing!"

3. Spooky

"Spooky is just a hype man! You can't listen to any of his songs without screwing up your face! His songs are quite simple but the way he does it, when the bass kicks in, he destroys everything without fail."

4. Faze Miyake

"He's got the heavy influence of hip-hop style in his music, but it works well in a grime set. You can imagine any of your favorite grime MCs just riding over his beats. His 808s cut through everything and sound sick."

5. Darq E Freaker

"His stuff is just instantly recognizable, like just from his orchestral hits and his hi-hats you know he has some mental music. There's a hip-hop influence again like with Faze Miyake but it's like nothing you'll hear coming out of the States -- it's a completely homegrown style."