Ryan Hemsworth Picks Five Producers You Need to Know Right Now

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Ryan Hemsworth's career arc has gone from that of a producer making bootlegs of his favorite tracks to crafting legit remixes of his favorite tracks. One of his biggest breaks came earlier this year when he banged out a swirling, danceable remix of Cat Power's "Manhattan." He recently got a golden co-sign when he took over Diplo's BBC Radio 1 show with this murderous mix, which you can stream below. To get into Hemsworth's brain, we asked him about five producers he's currently keen on. Here's what he had to say. Pay attention:

1. Cashmere Cat

"My favorite kitty. Cashmere Cat uses every sound my ears love -- the instruments, the percussion, the level of compression, the dynamics. He came onto the scene out of completely nowhere and everyone thought he was this blonde chick making unreal music. But it's actually this blonde dude making unreal music. For some reason his songs always make me wish he was producing for Missy Elliott. Maybe he's like a happier Timbaland."

2. Koreless

"I'm just jealous of the way Koreless makes every synth sound so warm and bubbly. He's killing the sine-wave game. Crazy synthesized emotion. I imagine his new EP is probably what I'll hear in my head when I die."

3. Taquwami

"So many amazing producers coming out of Japan right now. They're all slept on by North Americans, I'm hoping I can help wake people up to them over the next few months. I think his sound is so pretty and epic and developed. There's also melancholy in a lot of his songs, despite how big or sound system-friendly they may be. That definitely draws me in."

4. Svengali

"I don't really know what my overarching aesthetic/sound is, so I'm envious of dudes like Svengali who appear to have their image and sound synchronized perfectly. His samples are always pitched up, which is nice nowadays 'cause everyone pitches down; his beats are almost always upbeat. There's just a lot of energy and depth in his production, which just demands more time from producers and maybe more MDMA."

5. Druid Cloak

"Slept on. Stop sleeping. This guy has an amazing balance of talents. There are a lot of producers who are amazing at mixing their music so it sounds like the sexiest butter to your ears and that can sometimes trick you into thinking the song is more creative and fun than it actually is. But Druid Cloak has this great balance of being that master at mixing music and being really creative with his songwriting."