Prolyphic and Buddy Peace Recruit Marionettes in "Go Green" Video

For his video for "Go Green," Providence MC Prolyphic recruits a puppet version of himself to help spread awareness about climate change and sustainability. Directed by Aaron "Aupheus" Lampert, the video finds Lil Pro 5000 (the name of this eco-conscious marionette) and "Go Green" producer Buddy Peace performing in both natural and urban settings. "I thought [the puppet] was a cool idea because the small puppets act as warnings to humans," Prolyphic tells Hive. "The main small figure is talking about a large topic, climate change, in an environment larger than the puppet where he can easily be ignored or overlooked. I'm responsible for the problem as well, and by using the puppet as the visual talking, it doesn't separate me from other humans." Consider this the environmentally-friendly hip-hop version of Team America.

Prolyphic's Working Man is out now on Strange Famous Records. View his upcoming tour dates here.