Uptown XO Gets Argumentative on "Needs & Wants" Video

Some visual experiences claim to be based on a true story, either loosely or firmly. For Uptown XO, shooting his "Needs & Wants" video fell into the latter category. The Washington, D.C. MC said that he just wanted to show the world this story because "I know so many people can relate." Bringing the tumultuous relationship to the small screen was made that much easier by the fact XO worked with a crew that watched him go through everything in the clip, from the verbal altercations, the broken iPhone and the grits and turkey bacon breakfasts. Additionally, this is just the start for XO and his team, Secret Society Films, as they have plans to release more videos with like-minded DMV area artists.

Uptown XO's Colour de Grey album is out now on Mello Music Group.