Nocando Avoids Sweating the Haters on "No Sweat"

[caption id="attachment_74039" align="alignnone" width="640"]Photo courtesy of Nocando Photo courtesy of Nocando[/caption]

According to L.A. rapper Nocando, his latest single, "No Sweat" is "about having grace under the fire of being counted out or being hated on." In other words, "Oh, you hating? 'No Sweat.'" He drives that mindset home over the boisterous Preston James instrumental with brash lines like, "If you disagree/Just eat a dick or read my dossier." Rounding out the track are seasoned L.A. rappers Pigeon John and Cel hops on the beat, but it's Nocando's freewheeling shit-talking that has us sweating the most.

Nocando's new project Tits & Explosions drops May 14 on Hellfyre Club.