Mighty Mouse Drops Refreshing Disco Cuts on His 'Spring 2013 Mixtape'

mighty mouse-640

Most DJ’s resort to air horns, catchy drops and kung-fu movie quotes to open a mix, but not Mighty Mouse. On his Spring 2013 Mixtape, the U.K. DJ and producer kicks things off with “Beethoven's 74th Rendition of a Humpback Whale,” or in other words, a quick sound bite of a whale doing whatever a whale does underwater. The remaining 99.9% of the mix, however, is less nautical safari and more disco-house gratification. "This is my first mixtape of the year, it's definitely a reflection of what I've been playing on tour so far this year," he explains to Hive. Look out for exclusives from Yuksek, Andre Laos and JDH, plus remixes by Leoni, Andhim and Lorenz Rhode. "All of them though I love, listening back it reminds me of some incredible times I've had so far this year in Europe and the US." View the entire tracklist of this dashing discotheque excursion below.


01. Beethoven's 74th Rendition of a Humpback Whale (in Scottish)

02. Akshin - Cut A Few (Original Mix)

03. Yuksek feat. Juviniles - Truth

04. Lady Kiss - Walk In (Original Mix)

05. Fernando - Non Stop (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)

06. Little Boots - Broken Record (JDH 'Chupacabras' Remix)

07. Paradise 45 - Baby C'mon (Original Mix)

08. Andre Laos - Alternating Currency

09. Sugar Hill - Before You Wake (Leoni Remix)

10. Blackstrobe - The Girl From The Bayou (Extended Mix)

11. Tigerskin - Windfall (Original Mix)

12. Gregor Salto & KiT (Kuenti i Tambu) - Otro Dia (Original Mix)

13. West K feat. Natacha - Kata Llorando (Original Vocal Edit)

14. Theophilus London - Wine & Chocolates (Andhim Remix)

15. Nora En Pure - Come With Me (Original Mix)

16. Fed Conti feat. Sara Grimaldi - Touch Me

17. Supernova - The Circle (Original Mix)

18. Renato Cohen - Suddenly Funk (Original Mix)

19. Pitchben - Soda (Lorenz Rhode Remix)

20. Mighty Mouse - Love Is Gonna Lift You Up (Sunrise Mix)