Five Facts You Should Know About Black Dave

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"All I do is rap, all I do is skate," explains Black Dave on the hook to his "Rap & Skate" calling card. It's a fair summation of the Harlem-based rapper's style, with Dave combining an upbringing in skate culture with a hip-hop career that's been sparked by his recent Stay Black mixtape. But what really makes Black Dave tick? Hive sat down with Black Dave and teased these five very pertinent facts out of New York's next uptown rap figure.

1. He's Very Influenced By The Movie Kids

The first time he saw the Harmony Korine-penned movie Kids, Black Dave says he was "mind blown but I felt comfortable 'cause I knew that was representing New York City and skateboarders who were my age right now." It's an inspiration he's carried through to his recent "Muthafuck! My Enemies" video: "It's based off Kids, not with the AIDS behind it but kinda if it happened in 2013 and I was the main character. We paid homage to some of the scenes and shot them exactly the same way they were shot. It's the new age Kids." As for the girl in the opening scene? "That's my girlfriend," says Black Dave coyly.

2. He Procedes With Caution on First Dates

Asked about his tips for wooing a girl on a first date, Black Dave explains, "I'd take a girl to a sports bar so I can watch the basketball game. They're sometimes boring so at least I've got something to watch! They never really say much so I just eat and watch the game." Being frugal and inattentive has never been so alluring.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Patrick Ewing of the New York Knicks who is someone Black Dave would've enjoyed watching on a first date. Photo courtesy of @blackdave Instagram[/caption]

3. He Has a Seinfeld Poster on His Bedroom Wall

The video to "On Da Map" begins with Black Dave waking up in his bedroom, which happens to include a poster of Seinfeld on the wall. "That's true, that poster is in my bedroom," he says. "I look up to Larry David a lot and Curb Your Enthusiasm is also one of my favorite shows. I relate to Larry David a lot. He just doesn't give a fuck. He's so rich and he doesn't care and he's so cheap. He's awesome." Forced to pick a side on the pressing Seinfeld versus Curb debate, Black Dave sides with Jerry's jaunts over Larry's misadventures.

4. He Used To Be the Black Donald Trump

One of Black Dave's early rap forays had him taking on the persona of the Black Donald Trump, a character he describes as being "young, doing your thing, not giving a fuck but still an entrepreneur." Black Dave's own real estate ambitions involve wanting to buy a huge warehouse in NYC to convert it into an indoor skate spot.

5. He's a Chicken Delivery Pro

The visuals for Black Dave's rousing "On Da Map" track feature him charged with the task of delivering a mystery package by a 10 p.m. deadline. Zipping around the city on his skateboard Dave completes the task -- only to find out it was a package of take-out chicken. As exclusively revealed to Hive, Black Dave says, "The chicken was from Popeye's down the block. It was still hot and I ate that shit right after the video."

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