Stream Dirty South Joe's Unapologetic Post-Future Mix


Philadelphia DJ Dirty South Joe is an expert at seamlessly mixing genres. Beyond working with Mad Decent and New Jersey’s Brick Bandits crew, he is also known for his series of Luvstep mixes with Flufftronix. Most recently, he has been touring the country with DJ Sliink as part of the Certified Trap tour. On this “post future” mix for MTV Hive, though, DSJ goes beyond trap and mixes a genre-bending medley of Jersey club, ballroom, bounce and more. “Post future is a feeling where real meets fake in supreme sonic synchrocity,” he explains to Hive. “Real drops and fake drops united … post future is clearly unapologetic and unchained.” In the sense of "real" meeting "fake," this mix highlights the increasingly symbiotic relationship between underground and mainstream trends, and how general tastes have converged somewhere that escapes being classified. Sounds pretty futuristic to us.

Stream Dirty South Joe's Post Future mix below. Cover art by Itzel Xoco.