ASAP Ferg’s Five Thoughts on Stepping Up Your Grilled-Cheese Game

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While the ASAP Mob is known for their gritty hard-hitting raps and keen fashion sense, one member — ASAP Ferg — is also a grilled-cheese enthusiast. So, with  April being National Grilled Cheese month, we jumped at the opportunity to talk about this delectable sandwich and why living the grilled-cheese lifestyle is the way to go. Respect his pasteurization and dig into these five thoughts on how to up your grilled-cheese game.

1. It’s Great Sustenance for Non-Meat Eaters

A$AP Ferg calls himself a pescatarian — “I don’t eat meat and stuff,” is how he puts it — but a grilled cheese is a fine addition to most popular lifestyles and diets.

A grilled cheese with no meat. Photo: Getty Images

2. Be Open-Minded in Your Cheese Choices

A$AP Ferg says, “I like Muenster cheese, I like Swiss cheese, I like American cheese, I like white American cheese, I like provolone cheese, I like cheddar cheese, I like mozzarella cheese.” All will work for a grilled cheese.

Variety is what keeps ASAP Ferg enticed. Photo: Getty Images

3. Keep it Crispy

A$AP Ferg admits that you can plump for “any type of bread” when it comes to a grilled cheese but decrees that “you want to cook it so it stays crispy.” Hive recommends splurging your Margiela sneaker fund on a cast-iron Le Creuset skillet.

A grilled cheese and tomato on challah bread. Photo: Steve Russell/Getty Images

4. Embellish With Eggs

“It’s definitely good to add egg to a grilled cheese,” says A$AP Ferg. Fried is the way to go.

A fried egg, ASAP Ferg’s topping of choice. Photo: Getty Images

5. You Can Never Eat Too Many Grilled-Cheeses

As official grilled cheese ambassador A$AP Ferg says proudly, “I could eat nothing but grilled cheese sandwiches all day and be satisfied with life.” Real talk.

Two is better than one. Photo: Getty Images

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