Bronx Rapper Doley Bernays Redefines What it Means to "Raise Your Weapon"

In the video for “Raise Your Weapon,” Bronx rapper Doley Bernays, along with Denzil Porter, attempts to reconcile his neighborhood's culture with his own path to finding happiness. “I start by saying ‘I hope you love me baby, hope you understand why I’m f’in crazy,’ basically to let the world know I’m about to explain everything that’s been going on up to this point in my neighborhood,” he explains to Hive. “The ‘weapon’ I speak of is used to represent my music as what keeps me alive, as people in neighborhoods such as mine use guns to do so.” Directors Matt Schaff and MP Williams show plenty of actual weapons in the video, but lace together the shots in way that is more mystifying than dangerous. On top of that, the hard-hitting beat, also produced by MP, samples Deadmau5’s trance single of the same name. This is an archetypal street jam in the Internet age.

"Raise Your Weapon" will be on Doley Bernay's upcoming EP Just in Case.