Marnie Stern Talks Vaginas and Peens at Her Brooklyn Show

[caption id="attachment_72364" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Marnie Stern Photo: Rebecca Smeyne for MTV Hive[/caption]

Guitar goddess Marnie Stern tapped her way through Music Hall of Williamsburg last night in support of her excellent new release, The Chronicles of Marnia. The NYC-based musician has appeared in the music press a lot this year, but they've discussed a lot more than her music. One topic has been January's "Win a Date with Marnie Stern" contest, sponsored by her label Kill Rock Stars. How's that going? Last week's status update: "One of the [three finalists] threw his back out taking YouTube videos of his cat, so we haven't met yet."

Another frequent talking point is Stern's continued, almost obsessive use of the word "vagina" in her stage banter and on her blog, "The Vagina Monoblog" (contributors include "Marnie's Vagina" and "Marnie's Fagina"). To be fair, she also makes extensive use of the term "peen." During last night's show, Stern urged her blushing two-piece male rhythm section to take off their pants and show their penises. She also mentioned that they've named the current tour the "Who Gives a Hoot Apostrophe 13 tour," a fitting appellation.

As for the music, her loop-driven, ecstatic harmonies, famous finger-tapping, and distinct vocal wailing is still intriguing, six years after her debut release. On a scale of one to five vaginas, we'd give the show four vaginas. Pics, below.