Stream Hir-O's Cosmic Detroit-Meets-Japan Mix 'The Origin Story'


Detroit producer and Oberlin Conservatory of Music graduate Hir-O works in the atmospheric tradition of J-Dilla, RZA and Flying Lotus, crafting beats that are intentional in their ruggedness and dissonance. (“I do not wish to be labelled as an experimental artist,” reads his Twitter bio, “I know exactly what I’m doing.") In putting together The Origin Story mix for Hive, Omari pulled directly from his well of personal inspirations. “I was a sci-fi, anime, gaming buff before as a child, before I was into music,” he explains, “So when I stumbled upon the anime Samurai Champloo in high school, it should be no surprise that the soulful tones of the late Jun Seba (Nujabes) caught my ear and inspired me to take music seriously.” While his love of Japanese culture and video games trigger RZA references, Hir-O cites hometown hero J Dilla as his primary influence. “That sound, that Detroit sound, that organic sense of timing and rhythm, that eclectic taste for finely aged strings and brass, that sound is at the root of inspiration, it is at the core of my sound,” he says. “It's Detroit's sound.” Rest assured that the institution of Detroit hip-hop is being maintained by capable young hands.

Stream Hir-O's The Origin Story mix below and scroll down the tracklist.

01. Hir-O - "S.T.A.R. Bluebird"

02. Flying Lotus - "Getting There"

03. Hir-O - "Lee Jun Fan"

04. Flying Lotus - "Putty Boy Strut"

05. Hir-O - "Pi's Whale"

06. Hir-O - "Champloo"

07. Daft Punk - "Aerodynamic (Slum Village Remix)"

08. Hir-O -  "Son of Sun Ra"

09. Jay Dee - "Cash Flow" (feat. Frank)

10. Hir-O - "Battousai The Manslayer"

11. Hir-O - "The North End"

12. Nujabes - "How You Feel"

13. Jay Dee - "Dreamy"

14. Hir-O - "Monday"

15. Nujabes - "Next View"

16. Flying Lotus - "Massage Situation"

17. Hir-O - "Voltron's Heartbeat"

18. Clark - "Herzog"

19. Doss The Artist - "New Gundam"

20. Clark - "Future Daniel"

21. Hir-O - "Billy Clubs & Baking Soda"

22. Red Pill and Hir-O - "Waiting On A Train"

23. Hir-O - "Blackstar"

24. Hir-O - "Prad Bitts"

25. Hir-O - "Mega Planisher"