Riff Raff Prepared for His 'One Life to Live' Role by Eating Blueberries and Chick-fil-A


Are you ready for Riff Raff the actor? As Hip Hop DX pointed out,  May 7th is when you'll be able to peep the Raffster trading up his rap chops for thespian skills as he tackles a part in the soap opera One Life to Live. Stepping into the shoes of a character named Jamie Franko (a not-at-all-disguised barb at his real world nemesis James Franco, who also spent time acting on popular soap General Hospital as a character, Robert "Franco" Frank), Riff Raff described the role to Hive as being "an art dealer millionaire guy and people owe him money."

Revealing how he prepared for the acting role, Riff explained that he chowed down on "blueberries and Chick-fil-A sandwiches" and that his screen appearance bodes well for the future. "Put it this way," he said, "the public will see a lot more Jody Highroller in recurring roles in TV shows and major movies. This is just the beginning."

Then, further addressing the Spring Breakers controversy that has seen Franco and the movie's director, Harmony Korine, accused of basing the character Alien on Riff Raff's distinctive life and style, he hipped Hive to some damning video footage that shows Alien wholesale nabbing one of Riff's real life catch-phrases. Check out the evidence for yourself to see why Riff has claimed it's a case of Franco being "caught red-handed!" Advantage: Highroller.