The 15 Oddest Walk-On Songs of the 2013 Major League Baseball Season

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If you catch a major league baseball game this season, along with the peanuts and cracker jacks, you’ll be innundated with a barrage of sounds as players come to bat and take the mound. Walk-on music might just be one of pro-sports’ last little spots where players are free to express their own personal identities through tunes blasting throughout the stadium, with seemingly no censoring from their employers.

There’s an app for it, too. Last September, Major League Baseball launched “At the Ballpark,” which makes a majority of player entrance tunes searchable and (of course) purchasable. We perused every player’s song choice and found the 15 oddest selections for this season. So you might want to bring some earplugs along with your mitt if you’re in the same stadium as these guys.

1. Rafael Soriano (Pitcher/Closer, Washington Nationals) — “Pitch, Soriano” by Ediseuri Concepcion Mejia

Soriano, a big off-season signing for the Washington Nationals, has preserved his entrance song, “Pitch, Soriano,” an odd Spanish-language ode to himself (and at one point, his mother), which, hey, if you’re in the big leagues, screw modesty.

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