Open Mike Eagle and Ras G Take a Trip to Uganda in "Let It Go" Video

In May 2012, the rapper-producer duo of Open Mike Eagle and Ras G received a grant to travel to Uganda to record with local hip-hop artists. They returned with a fresh, imaginative EP, Kampala Blackouts, showcasing the native talent, Mike's melodic and tack-sharp rhymes, and Ras' otherworldly production. This is evident on standout "Let It Go" with Ugandan acts Mon MC and Cyno, who appear with their hosts in track's video. It culls footage from the bustling village roads, performances with a group of enthusiastic youngsters, and a ballsy fire eater. It's a world far removed, albeit strikingly similar, to Mike and Ras' native L.A.

Kampala Blackouts EP is out now and you can download it for free here