Majical Cloudz Move the Audience to Tears at Their Secret New York Show

[caption id="attachment_72055" align="alignleft" width="640"]Majical Cloudz Photo: Rebecca Smeyne for MTV Hive[/caption]

In anticipation of their forthcoming Matador debut Impersonator, Canadian duo Majical Cloudz played a private show in an intimate Bleecker Street basement bar last night. The room was packed with industry insiders, a crowd that can be jaded and hard to reach, but Devon Walsh, the group's masterful singer and songwriter, had a spellbinding stage presence (even though there wasn't a real stage). Their emotive, gorgeously melodic vocals, and lush, bobbing synth-scapes, matched with the duo's weighty lyrical matter, and above-all, Walsh's shuddering, raw delivery, created a moving performance. In the front row, at least one woman had tears streaming down her face as they performed their brand-new single "Childhood's End". Walsh swigged honey to soothe his voice between songs, and joked with the audience, charmingly countering the intensity in the room.

Majical Cloudz first attracted attention last year through several comparatively minimal collaborations with Claire Boucher of Grimes (they met at McGill University), although their sound has evolved significantly as you can hear on their recent "Turn Turn Turn" EP . Impersonator is due out on 5/21. Check out pics from the show and stream the title track to their EP, below:

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