Stream Illogic and Blockhead's Refined New Album 'Capture the Sun'

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Just in time for spring, Illogic and Blockhead have tag-teamed for Capture the Sun, a 16-song listen that layers Ohio-based Illogic's canny raps over luxurious production courtesy of New York City's Blockhead. Ahead of next Tuesday's release (which will include a limited edition beach-themed package complete with shades, frisbee and a beach ball), the album's presented for exclusive stream below. While you submerge yourself in its grooves, check out Illogic and Blockhead's guide to best enjoying the Capture the Sun experience.

What were the first steps involved in recording the collaborative project?

Blockhead: I just sent Illogic a ton of beats, like 50 beats, and he sat with them for a while and came up with a potential list of ones he wanted to work with. That list kept on changing but eventually we got it down pact.

Which one song would you recommend people check out first?

Illogic: "Beautiful Sunday" is probably going to be a favorite for a lot of people. I'd also say "Bridges" is a pretty good way to start.

Blockhead: "Beautiful Sunday" is one of my favorites also. I like "Smile," which features Abstract Rude, a lot too, but "Beautiful Sunday" is the one that sticks out to me.

There's a line on the album about the Maker's Mark you order being watered down. What's the drink of choice for listening to Capture the Sun?

Illogic: Well I'm a whiskey man myself and Maker's Mark is my favorite drink -- I usually have that or Jack Daniel's while I'm out chilling -- so I would say a good whiskey or a nice scotch would be good to listen to the record. It's a nice grown-up album.

Blockhead: Yeah, I'd go with that. I'm more of a vodka person but this album is definitely suited to a whiskey. It's more refined than a vodka drinking album.

Illogic: It's like a scotch and a cigar album!

Slug from Atmosphere features on the title track. How did he get involved with the project?

Illogic: I've known Slug for years -- we all came up around the same time and all vibed and met -- and I hit him up 'cause I thought his voice would sound good on "Capture the Sun" and he was cool with it. He recorded it pretty quick and there you have it.

What's the meaning behind the album title?

Illogic: I had this album title for a long time even before I asked Blockhead to do the record with me. I thought the vibe of his production fit the album title. It comes from a quote my grandmother told me, that all things delayed are not denied, which basically means anything you run into might not always happen when you want it to but if you continue to work for it good things will follow. So I took that and applied it to the title about capturing the sun and your dreams.

What's your favorite beat and favorite verse from each other on the album?

Illogic: Probably "Where's The Exit" because it's the most obscure one and that was one of those tracks when I first heard the beat I had no clue what I was going to do with it but I loved the sound.

Blockhead: That's tough. It varies 'cause sometimes I want to hear him just go in and kill it, like on "Neva Heard," but then songs like "Last Breath" come with some serious depth and they're about heavier things than your typical rap song and I definitely appreciate those. I think those two songs are like the different ends of the spectrum.

Capture the Sun is out April 16 on Man Bites Dog Records. Stream it below:

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