Ann Pragg Works a Smoky Groove on "Januarium"

[caption id="attachment_71836" align="alignnone" width="640"]Photo courtesy of Ann Pragg/Facebook Photo courtesy of Ann Pragg/Facebook[/caption]

It took a lot of swimming trips, porch jam sessions and cocktails to convince Matt Radick, Holopaw's lead guitarist, to fly up to Queens and record his first album. But Wonderland Records knew they had something special on their hands when Radick revealed he'd been recording songs on his Tascam four-track for years, and for nobody's ears but his own. "I was never too concerned about their destination, just happy to share them with friends," said the Gainesville, Fla. native of his secret stash. Now we'll finally hear what we've been missing when Bitter Fruit, released under the moniker Ann Pragg, debuts in May. On second single "Januarium," Radick makes his Southern yearning clear, wrapping lines like, "But all I wanted was our fate to turn," around a slow, melodic groove. "We wanted to maintain a level of rawness and warmth with these songs, which I think ended up happening," he said. The result is something that Radick feels proud of, though don't expect him to give up his day job anytime soon. "I'm happy to report that Holopaw is in full swing, strong and healthy," said Radick. "I'll just be dedicating my time to both projects at once while Bitter Fruit comes into the world."

Bitter Fruit comes out May 7 on Wonderland Archives. Stream "Januarium" below: