Seattle Producer Lusine Spins an Intellectual Dance Set


Seattle-based electronic producer Lusine has a knack for creating thoughtful story arcs with his music. His latest album The Waiting Room, released on Ghostly International earlier this year, is a perfect example. Lusine put together a cohesive set of tracks that trace from cerebral and ambient to buoyant and percussive. And his latest mix for Hive can be described the same way. This unique set leans ambient in the beginning, but slowly develops into a fervent dance affair. “I started off with Emeralds because they were a big inspiration for me on my album,” he tells Hive. “[But] Four Tet’s remix of Ultraista may be my favorite track of the year. I love those opportunities to fit in some music that isn’t just run of the mill dance floor stuff.” Get hip to this Four Tet remix and host of ambient dance gems below.


01. Emeralds - "Diotoma"

02. Sei A - "You Can Bring"

03. Lake People - "Point in Time"

04. Hobo - "Blackwell" (Original Mix)

05. Matthew Herbert - "It's Only" (DJ Koze Remix)

06. Lusine - "Another Tomorrow" (Jon Convex Remix)

07. Thomalia - "Alftavatn" (Original Mix)

08. Kuniyuki Takahashi - "Bamboo City" (Original Mix)

09. Dominik Eulberg - "Taeuschnungs-Blume" (Ryan Davis 'Narciss' Render)

10. Mathew Jonson - "Dayz"

11. M.A.N.D.Y, Adultnapper - "Kindling" (John Tejada Remix)

12. Ultraista - "Small Talk" (Four Tet Remix)

13. Manuel Tur - "Maybe Next Lifetime" Feat. Blakkat (King Britt Dub)

14. Yakine - "Disaster Drop" (original Mix)

15. Lusine - "Lucky"

16. Todd Terje - "Ragysh" (Original)

17. ManmadeScience - "Phase" (Original Mix)

18. Pezzner - "Chapter Two" (Original Mix)