Listen to Beware of Darkness Wrestle With Loss on "All Who Remain"

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Beware of Darkness' new song "All Who Remain," doesn't come from the happiest of places. "The song is about losing your favorite person on this planet," explains Beware of Darkness' guitarist/vocalist Kyle Nicolaides. As you'll hear, the song slowly builds into something rather climatic, but wasn't always like that from the beginning. "We knew it was a special song front the start ... it definitely took a couple versions to get it to that point. We tried the song with various instruments like acoustic guitar, piano and different dynamic stylings until we found what worked -- which was starting off simple and quiet and then building and adding multiple layers and colors until the climax at the end. And I love what we ended with." We do too.

Beware of Darkness' debut album, Orthodox, is out May 7 on Bright Antenna. Stream "All Who Remain" below: