Five Reasons White Fence Should Be Your Spiritual Guru

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Tim Presley is the Los Angeles-based musician behind White Fence and he's quite profilic. In the past three years, he's released four albums and a collaborative project with Ty Segall on Drag City last year. The tunes are fuzzed-out thrill rides that travel deep into the mind of a man spun-out on LSD and the righteous sounds of mid-1960s psych-garage nuggets. Presley plays all the instruments himself and usually records alone in his bedroom. Such is the case with White Fence’s new album, Cyclops Reaps. Like White Fence’s past work, Cyclops Reaps is a crazed, acid-soaked expedition as Presley steers beyond all the bad vibes and takes us straight to total enlightenment. This is why we want White Fence to be our guru; here are five reasons you should, too.

1. White Fence Is in With Time

If you feel like you’re not yourself, chances are it's because your temporal coordinates are messed up. Presley might not wear a bell clock around his neck, but he's in with time. He proved as much on “Time,” the opening song from Hair, the album he did last year with Segall.

2. White Fence Can Introduce You to Good People

As you pursue a fresh spiritual path, it’s critical that you meet some good people. Look how good the people in this painting look! Presley painted it, and it’s titled “75 People I Know Personally.” Since Presley knows all of them, maybe he can introduce you to some (or all) of them, and you can all grow together.

3. White Fence Can Give You a Mantra

If you’re serious about transforming yourself, you’re gonna need a mantra. “A mind too active is no mind at all,” sings Presley on “Real Smiles,” from Family Perfume, Volume 2. That sounds like a phrase worth repeating, right? Right. (It’s actually a line written by the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Theodore Roethke. But he probably won’t mind if you borrow it.)

4. White Fence Can See in the Dark

On “Chairs in the Dark,” one of the new songs from Cyclops Reaps, Presley claims to be able to see chairs in spite of the darkness. This is the kind of skill every worthy guru should have: the ability to see in the dark so they can rescue those trapped in the darkness. If you’re lost, White Fence will find you. This probably also means he can see inside the darkness of your soul and, hopefully, turn the lights back on.

5. White Fence Knows the Pink Gorilla

If you seek the secrets of the universe, then you must first find the pink gorilla. The pink gorilla holds all the truths of eternity. White Fence knows this, or at least this is what's implied on “Pink Gorilla,” another new tune from Cyclops Reaps. Presley can help you find the pink gorilla. Go to him.

Cyclops Reaps is out April 9 on Castle Face