Watch Dorado's Plight of the Maladjusted Pilgrim in "Temple of the Guiding Light" Video

In Dorado's new video for "Temple of the Guiding Light," the Birmingham, Al. band captured some specific underpinnings of modern Southern living. "The video is supposed to mirror the spastic searchings of a maladjusted pilgrim of the urban South," says Dorado principle Jody Nelson. "[The song] sits on the album as a transition point. We all have redneck cousins, and each of us is the redneck cousin to someone else up the chain. It comes up a lot in my writing ... and the one who has it the most wrong is usually myself before my latest soon-to-be-sloughed-off epiphany."

Dorado's new album Anger, Hunger, Love and the Fear of Death is out now on This Is American Music