Kopecky Family Band Get Primal in "Hope" Video

In the Kopecky Family Band's new video for "Hope," we're taken on a rescue mission where face paint and the forest help young love conquer all. "It reminded me of my first time reading Lord of the Flies in grade school," says Kopecky Family Band's Gabe Simon of when he first read the treatment. "It grasps the strange conflict between being a child and an adult. We forget that the world and its challenges don't change; just our age and how we look."

The video was conceived, directed and produced by the band's friend, A.K. Hottman (Rango, Transformers: Dark of the Moon) and was shot in two days at a national park outside of Los Angeles. The resulting effort is something that transformed the meaning of the song, as well as touched a nostalgic nerve. "None of us even considered this concept before it was brought to us, but we dropped everything else," Simon says. "With this song being something so close to home, it's hard to tap into all of its intricacies and recall specific moments that point to a video like this. [Playing in the woods] is actually one of the times in my life that I look back and remember feeling truly creative because what felt real was created in my head. Nothing replaces that feeling. Movies, books and video games can take you there but living it is something completely different and magical."

Kopecky Family Band's debut album Kids Raising Kids is out now on ATO Records.