Watch Deerhunter Get Monomaniacal on 'Fallon'

Ahead of their forthcoming new album Monomania , Deerhunter premiered the title track last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. While the song itself is a shambolic rocker that pays musical homage to the snarls of Iggy and the psychotic reactions of a million Nuggets hissy fits, the real curiosity was the way frontman Bradford Cox looked. Like most of his bandmates, he wore a black-and-white leopard-print shirt, but he rounded out his new onstage persona, named "Connie Lungpin" according to Pitchfork, with a black wig (we hope it's a wig) that looks a bit like Courteney Cox's hair on Friends and a gnarly looking bandage on his left hand. For a song that sounds nothing like theatrical art rock, with hard-rock guitar lines and lyrics like "send me an angel" and the repetition of "mono-monomania" at the end, it's a bit of a distraction (as is the creepy guy, stage right, who listens to a cassette Walkman the whole time). Close to three minutes in, Cox stumbles bleary-eyed offstage, fiddling with his Monica hair, into the backstage hall, taking a cup from an onlooker and throwing it on the floor. He waits for the elevator, while the camera cuts back to his bandmates who are kind enough to stick around and finish the song. Now that's an exit!

Deerhunter's Monomania comes out May 7 via 4AD.