Five Things You'll Learn From Tyler, the Creator's 'Wolf'

tyler the creator wolf

Hive Five: Our Daily Listicle of Musical Musings

Two years ago, Tyler, the Creator’s Odd Future collective stormed to mainstream notoriety with brooding rhymes set atop equally sullen compositions. Through it all, the Los Angeles crew rose to fame on its own accord: from Tyler to Earl Sweatshirt, Mellowhype to Hodgy Beats, Odd Future infiltrated pop culture by being, well, odd, and the charm hasn’t worn off yet (see last year's lovefest for OF crooner Frank Ocean for confirmation). This week, Tyler returns with Wolf, his follow up to 2011’s Goblin. Here are five things we learned about what the rabble-rouser is thinking about these days.

1. He Still Hates His Daddy

Tyler’s hatred of his absent father is no secret: “I ain’t got no muthafuckin’ daddy, he ain’t teach me shit!” he once growled on “Radicals.” On Wolf, the anger is still there, though it’s more passive-aggressive. “Papa ain’t call even though he saw me on TV, it’s all good,” he raps on “Jamba.” On “Answer,” the entire first verse is dedicated to his missing pops: “Hey dad it’s me, um, oh I’m Tyler, I think I be your son.” The convo is not civil.

2. He Misses His Grandma

On “Cowboy,” a Wolf standout, Tyler references his grandmother’s death: “Ain’t been this fuckin’ sick since brain cancer ate my granny up.” The album’s closing track, “Lone,” goes into full detail; here, the Creator describes his final visit with her before she died the next day. Sad.

3. Roaches Are Still a Thing

In his video for “Yonkers,” Tyler ate a roach and vomited the remains. It made him a star; if you forgot, he reminds you incessantly. On “Cowboy”: “Now every time you see a roach, you think of me a?” On “Domo23”: “Bitch I ate one roach and I made a lotta money.” On “Slater”: “Thought that roach was cool, he died and pushed me into stardom.” You get the point.

4. He's Concerned About Drugs ... But In a Good Way? 

If Hodgy Beats isn’t calling out Tyler for being a “weak as fuck” weed smoker, the Creator riffs on the effects on drugs on the community on “48.” He doesn’t stay conscious for too long, though.

5. He Now Has a Four-Story House

Yes, it seems that Tyler’s got a mortgage. At times, he sounds proud of the achievement; other times, he seems a bit overwhelmed. That doesn’t stop him from bragging a bit. “Four stories in my home like ‘what the fuck’s an apartment?’” he rhymes on “Jamba.” On “Domo23”: “Four-story home, gotta climb eight set of stairs just to see where my fuckin’ roof be.” We're pretty positive he has a walk-in closet to house all those Odd Future clothing prototypes.

Wolf is out April 2 on Odd Future/XL Records.