Papertwin Mine Old Space Footage for "Diving" Video

In “Diving,” the new video from Brooklyn’s Papertwin, the band fittingly chose a culmination of old space footage to coincide with the song. “I was always fascinated by the scientific world and watched a lot of these types of documentaries when I was a kid," Papertwin's Max Decker tells Hive. "Carl Sagan has always been a personal hero of mine." Decker's vocals fittingly drift into abstract territory, with an elongated synthesizer picking up the slack throughout, plummeting it to another atmosphere. “I always seem to be drawn towards the dark, eerier side of the music and there is definitely a Vangelis style retro-futurism we're referencing. We're into that Sci-Fi film noir stuff.”

Papertwin's new EP Peru is out April 16.