Update Your Spring Look With Some Hot Harlem Rapper Fashion

Harlem is hip! Spear-headed by a wave of bright young rap kids like A$AP Rocky, Azealia Banks and Vinny Cha$e, Uptown is in the midst of creative renaissance, not least when it comes to embracing a fashion-forward outlook on life. As Spring is just around the corner, consider turning to the New Harlem trio's Instagram  feeds for inspiration in adding uptown swank to your wardrobe.

1. Form-fitting Body-Suits are a Must


2. Be Proud to Sport Formal Shorts at Any Occasion


3. A Chanel Ski-Mask Can Keep You Warm and Hide Any Unwanted Blemishes


4. Explore Groin-branding


5. Buy a Chain That's Fashionable and Flossable!