Update Your Spring Look With Some Hot Harlem Rapper Fashion

Harlem is hip! Spear-headed by a wave of bright young rap kids like A$AP Rocky, Azealia Banks and Vinny Cha$e, Uptown is in the midst of creative renaissance, not least when it comes to embracing a fashion-forward outlook on life. As Spring is just around the corner, consider turning to the New Harlem trio’s Instagram ¬†feeds for inspiration in adding uptown swank to your wardrobe.

1. Form-fitting Body-Suits are a Must

2. Be Proud to Sport Formal Shorts at Any Occasion

3. A Chanel Ski-Mask Can Keep You Warm and Hide Any Unwanted Blemishes

4. Explore Groin-branding

5. Buy a Chain That’s Fashionable and Flossable!