SpaceGhostPurrp Recorded With Joey Bada$$, Working on Some “Real Purrp Shit”

SpaceGhostPurrp in Paris, May 2012. Photo: David Wolff-Patrick/Redferns

With his devilishly brooding brogue and talent for mustering up eerie beats, SpaceGhostPurrp broke through in 2012 thanks to his debut studio album, Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles Of SpaceGhostPurrp, and the B.M.W. EP he dropped back in December. Since then, the Miami-based rapper and producer has been enjoying a low-key start to 2013. He just reemerged, as he kicked off a month-long US tour last week.  So having just stepped out of the shower — “He’s on his pretty boy shit these days,” as his manager put it — Hive called up Purrp to find out what he’s working on, the “celebrities” who are pestering him for beats and a forthcoming collaboration with a certain Pro-Era rapper.

What music are you working on at the moment?

I’m just making beats right now. You know how that goes. It’s refining me and my sound. I usually make dark stuff, but also some weird and crazy shit, some turnt up shit.

Are these beats for your own projects or for other rappers?

Yeah, for other rappers.

Can you tell us which artists you’re producing for?

Yeah, I have some celebrities who want beats that I didn’t tell nobody about yet. People will find out soon. [Pauses.] They make good music for the people, that’s all I’ll say. It’s hip-hop; I’m only making [beats] for hip-hop artists.

You released your debut studio album, Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles Of SpaceGhostPurrp, last year. If you could go back would you change anything about it?

Yeah, I would definitely go back and go harder. ’Cause I made the album and it was my first time making an album in a studio, so I was used to some underground shit. The label was like, “Oh, you got to rap it like this and make it sound clear.” So I did that. But to me it came out sounding watered-down. If I could go back I’d go and make it more raw and how it’s supposed to sound. It wasn’t hungry enough — I sounded like I’d already started making millions! If I had a chance I’d go back and make it like a graveyard vibe, that’s what I’d do.

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