Five Things You Should Know About Lapalux

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To understand Lapalux is to understand the Brainfeeder imprint on which he is signed. Brainfeeder Label head/producer/beatsmith extraordinaire Flying Lotus allows his signees to create swirling sounds with bizarre twists and you can get hip to that ethos with British producer Lapalux’s debut album, Nostalchic. It's a mellow blend of warped synths and cosmic loops that feel surreal to the ear. Here's five other things you should know about the producer and his excellent debut.

1. Diplo Is a Fan

He probably said it best: “lapalux sounds like james blake if he went to a strip club.” While there is a subtle sleaziness to this music, it’s probably a bit too wonky for a Rick Ross verse. Still, this is high praise.

2. It’s R&B to the Core    

Though his label mates opt for spacey EDM, Lapalux leans toward traditional soul. For Nostalchic's 12 songs, the British composer layers his sound with ambient drones and distorted wails. It’s not completely accessible, but still establishes a sensual mood.

3. His Features Don’t Outshine Him

Much like Lotus, Lapalux filters guest vocalists into his own sound. You won’t hear Kerry Leatham or Astrid Williamson overpowering the tracks; instead, the producer uses them as accessories.

4. It’s Noticeably "Old School"

Parts of this LP feel like the quiet storm portion of urban contemporary radio. Like if Prince slowed down the BPM and added muffled chords to the mix. These are nostalgic slow jams with a psychedelic undercurrent.

5. If You Love Brainfeeder, You’ll Love This

While Nostalchic is more straightforward than other Brainfeeder records, parts of it are downright weird. Soul samples are chopped haphazardly and remade into hypnotic dance tunes. It’s unusual and quite magnetic.

Nostalchic is out March 26 on Brainfeeder.