The Five Best Remixes of Rhye


With their album Woman, musicians Mike Milosh and Danish Robin of Rhye released the go-to baby-making LP of the year. Even better, their captivating falsetto and minimal production style made perfect remix fodder and spawned a wave of reimagined Rhye gems. We went through the not-so-painstaking work of pulling together the five best reworks, below.

1. "The Fall" (Maurice Fulton Alt Mix)

Maurice Fulton's remix of "The Fall" was bundled with the official release of the single back in 2012, and for good reason. On this mix, the Aussie and American ex-pat generously layers futuristic funk lines alongside Milo's echoing vocals.

2. "Open" (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

On his remix of "Open," producer Ryan Hemsworth keeps the mood sullen. He laces Milo's untouched vocals with a glittery piano melody and a low-end bass romp that will keep your ears in rapt attention.

3. "Woman" (Eprom Remix)

Here Portland producer Eprom toys around with Rhye's crystal clear falsetto on his remix of "Woman." Look out for garbled vocals, a starry climax and just few hints of the original song.

4. "3 Days" (Saux Remix)

Using bouncy synths and steady four-on-the-floor kick, Amsterdam producer Saux takes Rhye's "3 Days" in a sunny direction on this uptempo remix.

5. "Open" (JT Donaldson Remix)

On his remix of "Open," JT Donaldson cranks out a dreamy mid-tempo gem, packed with soothing synth lines and an effortless kick-snare groove.