Foot Village Break Out the Slime in "This Song Is a Drug Deal" Video

Avant-rock freakazoid collective Foot Village may call L.A. its home but the percussively insane yelpers are undoubtedly from another universe as “This Song Is a Drug Deal”—their first gloriously wacked slime ‘n’ murder filled video from the just-released and excellent Make Memories. “The concept for the video arose from a band discussion about how silly it'd be if our song "This Song Is A Drug Deal" was being used and abused like any other party drug,” says Foot Village member Dan Rowan. “All we knew was that slime should be involved and that the song should probably murder everyone at the end. I ran with the concept and created the basic outline of the different colors/reactions for different sections of the song, and how the drug evolves into something that can kill.”

In Foot Village’s world, even the colors of the slime represent different affects and cuddly teddy bears are ultimately a menacing presence. “When the kids put on the headphones and are exposed to the song/drug, their brains start oozing neon colored slime,” Rowan says. “At first, the pink slime is very euphoric and sucks them into the world of the drug. The yellow slime amps things up and makes everyone hyper, which leads to the blue slime that is like a full-on speedy dance party. But things can't be that good without consequences, so everyone starts convulsing and they dive into a collective hallucination.”

Make Memories is out now via Northern Spy.