The Poppier Side of Hit-Boy

[caption id="attachment_70005" align="alignnone" width="640"]Photo courtesy of Hit-Boy Facebook Photo courtesy of Hit-Boy Facebook[/caption]

This week, Hit-Boy released his new album All I've Ever Dreamed Of. While he's probably best known as the producer behind the Kanye/Jay-Z mega-smash "N****s In Paris" (and all those other rap hits), this project is Hit-Boy's attempt to step out from behind the boards and establish himself as a producer-slash-rapper who's associated with performing his own hits. Beyond his solo rap ambitions though, Hit-Boy's career to date has seen him amass quite the discography of poppier productions, proving he's as versatile in his hit-making abilities. Here's five Hit-Boy hits that you may not have know where Hit-Boy hits.

1. Beyonce, "Bow Down/I Been On"

Just surfacing this week, "Bow Down/I Been On" is reportedly a track from Beyonce's next album, Hit-Boy has rustled up a low-rolling and bass-heavy track for her to warble on about not being just Jay-Z's "little wife." Presumably Shawn needs to stop letting Memphis Bleek kip on the couch without giving Bey the standard 24-hour written notice.

2. Justin Bieber, "Right Here" featuring Drake

Over Hit-Boy's chunky and almost boom-bap tinged track from last year, the cherub Bieber invites Drake through to add guest vocals. Sadly, reports that Drizzy and the Biebs bonded so well that they made plans to star in an owl-themed spin-off road-trip movie proved to be misreporting of the finest order.

3. Pussycat Dolls, "Love The Way You Love Me"

Given the opportunity to frolic with the feisty fivesome, Hit-Boy pulled out this rousing and poppy mid-tempo production from his beat stash.

4. Jennifer Lopez, "Forever"

Apparently 2007 vintage J-Lo pairs well with a stripped-down percussion-heavy track that features a notable whiff of a Timbaland-esque Middle-Eastern vibe.

5. Joe Jonas, "Lighthouse"

Proving himself quite the enthusiastic collector of boy-band production credits, Hit-Boy made power moves with one of the Jonas Brothers. Vibe wise, "Lighthouse" veers toward the moody side with bonus cowbell to boot.